Welcome to our guide on the facial enhancement treatments you can enjoy at our beauty salon in the heart of Battersea. Here, Demi and Rachel, our co-owners, pride themselves on offering a choice of services, from Botox and lip fitters to lash extensions and lash lifts, all tailored to meet your needs. We also specialise in professional lash training courses, ensuring our techniques are passed down to students who are always eager to learn from the best.

You can also use lash+browlab for HD brows and brow lamination. If you are looking for a salon to assist you with microblading brows, this is a specialist area for Rachel. Demi is our head technician for all things related to lashes.

Here, we look at our core treatments so that you can make a more informed decision about choosing us as your preferred beauty salon in Battersea.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections with Botox

Botox, a longstanding favourite with clients in Battersea and the South West London area, remains a popular choice for those seeking a youthful and refreshed appearance. Unlike other invasive procedures, Botox offers a quick and relatively painless solution to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This product is particularly sought-after in the world of celebrities and reality TV stars.

Botox is a fantastic alternative to more extensive treatments, and for giving you a natural, rejuvenated look without excessive downtime or recovery.

Lip Filler for a Plump Appearance

The use of lip fillers is another service we proudly offer at our Battersea salon. Our skilled technicians ensure natural-looking results, providing just the right amount of volume to enhance your smile. Paired with Botox, this treatment can complete your facial rejuvenation, offering a harmonious balance of beauty and elegance so that you can step out feeling 100% confident.

Lip filler can also be used as an alternative to Botox.

Brow Lamination and Microblading Brows

In Battersea, brow lamination and microblading brows are rapidly gaining popularity. Brow lamination gives you fuller, more defined brows, a perfect match for those already enjoying the benefits of a lash lift. If you need a more permanent solution, microblading brows offers the luxury of waking up with impeccably shaped eyebrows, saving time on make-up routines.

Rachel is the brow specialist at our friendly beauty salon.

Lash Lifts for a Natural Enhancement

Lash lifts from Demi, and from the students who attend lash training courses at our salon, have taken Battersea by storm. We offer a stunning, eye-opening effect without the need for daily mascara application. This treatment will elevate and curl your natural lashes, creating a bright and wide-eyed look. You may have heard of this treatment being called a lash lift and tint.

It is a wonderful complement to Botox because both treatments, when used together, bring a youthful and vibrant appearance to the face.

Lash Extensions for Extra Flare

Lash extensions are ideal for those seeking a more dramatic look than a lash lift can provide. Available right here in Battersea, our lash extensions are applied to the natural eyelashes individually, ensuring each one looks perfect and will go on to enhance your eyes, and your natural beauty, effortlessly. We can apply classic, hybrid, Russian volume and NYC wispy lashes.

Lash Training Courses | Learn from the Best

What sets our salon in Battersea apart is our commitment to education. Demi offers a choice of comprehensive lash training courses for both lash lifts and lash extensions. These courses are designed for beginners and for those who have passed classic training, with us or elsewhere. Our high standards of care are shared, and thus continued, by others who are passionate in this field.

Courses include manuals, lunch and a Certificate of Attendance.

Reasons to Choose our Beauty Salon in Battersea

Choosing our beauty salon in Battersea shows you insist on excellence with a facial enhancement. Our treatments, from Botox and lip fillers to lash extensions and lash lifts, are performed by trained professionals to ensure your own wellbeing and satisfaction. By offering the latest in beauty trends like brow lamination and microblading brows as well, we promise that our clients in South West London receive the best treatments the industry has to offer.

And we are not just a salon; we are also a haven for those who value beauty as a lifestyle. Our lash training courses are a testament of our dedication to the art of beauty. Visit us, experience the transformation that our treatments can bring to your life, and see that our salon in Battersea is not just a location, but also a landmark for beauty and elegance in a key growth industry.

Call our beauty salon on 0203 802 6329 for Botox treatments, brows and lash lifts. We welcome clients from the Battersea area.